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Tyshanika Couch, Medical Administrative Assistant

Tyshanika CouchWith a genuine interest in the medical field and a passion for helping others, Ty pursued a career that allows her to make a difference in patients’ lives daily!

Her journey to becoming a skilled medical administrative assistant began at Sanford Brown College, where she graduated in May 2012. Equipped with a solid educational foundation, she has honed her skills to provide exceptional service to patients and medical professionals.

Possessing Communication, Organizational & Tech Skills

One of the most essential qualifications Ty possesses is her strong communication skills. This enables her to effectively engage with patients, doctors, and staff, ensuring a clear and concise exchange of information. By fostering open lines of communication, Ty creates a welcoming environment for patients and promotes efficient collaboration among healthcare professionals.

With her exceptional organizational skills, Ty efficiently manages various aspects of medical administration. She ensures that everything runs smoothly, from keeping track of patient appointments to maintaining accurate medical records and billing information. Her ability to multitask and prioritize office tasks allows her to handle the demands of a busy medical practice easily.

In the ever-evolving age of technology, Ty recognizes the importance of computer skills in her role. She excels in using computer software programs and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, ensuring accurate and secure data entry. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures patient information is handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

A Fulfilling Family Life

While Ty is dedicated to her work, she also believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In her downtime, she loves listening to R&B music. She also cherishes quality time spent with her children and makes it a priority to take them to the park before their evening routine begins. She also enjoys watching the TV show “Married 2 Medicine” on Bravo; Ty finds inspiration in the relatable stories of balancing work and family life. “I also love to have family time and watch movies with my husband and kids.”

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