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About Accident Centers of Atlanta

Accident Centers of Atlanta exteriorThe Accident Centers of Atlanta team wants everyone who comes into our office to know that our care is of the highest quality, using the most advanced equipment and up-to-date technology. We don’t take shortcuts with your care—we’re all about quality, quality, quality—we want to be the best.

Since 2009, Dr. Shawn Jones and his team of integrated practitioners have been helping people get out of pain, restore function, and achieve their health goals with focused care, all while giving back to the South Fulton community.

Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy is to get people better quickly, efficiently, and affordably. That doesn’t mean we rush the care process. On the contrary, we do whatever we deem necessary to get you the best results using therapies and technology to help you heal faster and more completely.

We won’t do treatments you don’t need; we’ll maximize the benefits you receive at each session. Since our goal is to help you heal naturally without medications and surgery, our cost is lower compared to traditional methods.

Custom Care for Your Pain

Dealing with the trauma of an injury or auto accident can be difficult. In some cases, symptoms don’t appear immediately, complicating the issue. Our team of skilled chiropractors, doctors, and support staff are here to help you navigate the process to get the relief you need.

That starts with holistic chiropractic care. After creating your care plan, our chiropractor will use precise, targeted adjustments to correct misalignments and remove interference that may be causing your pain and dysfunction. If additional methods are necessary, our staff will ensure you receive what you need, including therapy using regenerative medicine.

Results You Can See

We had a man who was approved for knee surgery come to the office in a last attempt to bypass surgery. After three PRP injections to his knee, he no longer needed the surgery and was back to being active, playing tennis and golf.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Learn more about regenerative medicine and all our therapies. Discover all the options available to improve your quality of life. Call us today to book your consultation.

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