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Meet Dr. Amber Jackson, Chiropractor

Dr. Amber JacksonDr. Amber Jackson, known as Dr. Jackson, is a passionate chiropractor dedicated to providing exceptional care to her patients. With a background in fashion and retail management, Dr. Jackson’s journey to chiropractic medicine was inspired by her personal experiences as a student athlete and her commitment to helping others heal and thrive.

Dr. Jackson’s career path took an unexpected turn during her time as a student athlete at Alabama State University. While playing volleyball, she suffered a back injury that led to multiple disc protrusions in her lumbar spine. This injury forced her to reconsider her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. After soul-searching and self-reflection, Dr. Jackson had a vision that led her to discover the field of chiropractic medicine. Since then, she has been unwavering in her dedication to helping patients find healing and relief.

Qualifications and Education

Dr. Jackson holds a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University, where she received a comprehensive education in chiropractic medicine. Her commitment to professional growth extends beyond her degree, as she actively participates in professional development and continuing education courses. Some of these include MLS Seminars, Samurai Seminars, Inner Winners Workshops, Extremity Adjusting Continuing Education, and Brain Based Seminars.

The Fulfilling Aspect of Chiropractic

For Dr. Jackson, the most fulfilling aspect of being a chiropractor is the opportunity to be the doctor she wished she had during her own healing journey. She takes pride in explaining chiropractic care to her patients and supporting them throughout their recovery process. Driven by the mantra of “Heal Better,” Dr. Jackson places utmost importance on patient care. Listening to her patients’ needs and providing personalized treatment plans are the foundation of her practice.

Outside of Work

When she’s not in the office, Dr. Jackson enjoys spending quality time with her family. As season ticket holders to the Hawks, they share a love for basketball. Dr. Jackson also maintains an active lifestyle through HIIT training and indulges her passion for travel, constantly seeking out new destinations. She is the proud owner of four French bulldogs and enjoys raising them. Additionally, her love for theater and her nerdy side inspire her to immerse herself in reading articles and journals on chiropractic, healthcare, and medicine.

Dr. Jackson’s adventurous spirit shines through as she shares some intriguing experiences. Having piloted a helicopter, driven a tour bus, sat in a fighter jet, and ridden shotgun on a NASCAR track, she has certainly lived life to the fullest. Her diverse background includes living in Paris, working backstage during Paris Fashion Week, and residing in seven different cities across two countries. Dr. Jackson’s zest for life fuels her passion for exploring new horizons and embracing unique experiences.

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