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Meet Coretta Jennings, Regional Manager

Coretta JenningsCoretta Jennings, also known as Ms. Jennings, is the Regional Manager at Accident Centers of Atlanta. With a career spanning over 15 years in the healthcare and medical field, Ms. Jennings has dedicated herself to assisting others and providing exceptional care to patients.

Motivated by Helping Others

Inspired by her passion for helping others, Ms. Jennings began her journey in the chiropractic field in 2010 as a chiropractic assistant. Over the years, she honed her skills and expanded her responsibilities, eventually becoming an office manager. As the business grew, Ms. Jennings took on the role of Regional Manager, overseeing multiple offices and ensuring the smooth operation of each location.

Leadership and Compassion

As a Regional Manager, Ms. Jennings utilizes her motivational leadership skills to support day-to-day operational functions and provide a seamless experience for both staff and patients. She is dedicated to creating a positive and compassionate environment, where teamwork and patient care are top priorities. With a focus on efficiency and professionalism, Ms. Jennings ensures that each office maintains impeccable organization and delivers exceptional performance.

Lifelong Learning and Growth

Constantly striving for excellence, Ms. Jennings believes in continuous learning and professional development. She actively seeks out educational courses and opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills, setting new goals for herself and her team. By embracing growth and staying up-to-date with industry advancements, Ms. Jennings ensures that Accident Centers of Atlanta remains at the forefront of chiropractic care.

Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

For Ms. Jennings, the most fulfilling aspect of her role is witnessing the transformation of patients. Seeing individuals come into the facility in pain and discomfort and leaving with smiles on their faces is a testament to the dedication and care provided by the entire team. Ms. Jennings takes pride in creating a supportive environment where patients feel like part of the Accident Centers of Atlanta family.

Embracing Life Outside of Work

Outside of work, Ms. Jennings enjoys traveling and attending sports events, particularly basketball, football, and boxing. Spending quality time with her loved ones is a priority, and she cherishes family moments and various activities together. Ms. Jennings also values her “me time” and finds solace in meditation while listening to jazz music. Bowling, shooting pool, and simply having fun are among her favorite pastimes.

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