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Physical Therapy at Accident Centers of Atlanta

Your Path to Natural Wellness

StretchingAt Accident Centers of Atlanta, we provide comprehensive care that goes beyond chiropractic. By combining chiropractic care with physical therapy, we address the alignment of your joints and strengthen the surrounding ligaments and muscles. This unique approach ensures you achieve the ultimate success in natural wellness.

The Benefits of Working Together

Physical therapy complements chiropractic care by focusing on strengthening the areas that have been realigned. It stabilizes joints, preventing them from sliding out of alignment and enhancing the effectiveness and longevity of joint realignment.

These benefits extend to everyone, regardless of age or condition. Whether you’re recovering from a sprain or strain, experiencing joint pain, dealing with herniated discs or degenerative disc conditions, preparing for surgery, or managing arthritis or osteoporosis, physical therapy can play a crucial role in your recovery and overall well-being.

Working With a Hands-on Approach

Our approach combines hands-on techniques and specialized equipment. We use the Tonal system for focused resistance-based exercises and incorporate whole-body vibration plates to enhance muscle activation and promote healing.

During your sessions at Accident Centers of Atlanta, you can expect personal attention and a tailored treatment plan. Our experienced practitioners will work closely with you to understand your condition and develop a customized rehab program.

Yoga poses
Each session typically lasts between 30-60 minutes and focuses on targeted exercises and techniques to improve strength, flexibility, and overall function.

We recommend wearing comfortable exercise clothes to make the most of your appointment, allowing you to move freely during your session. Our team of doctors guides you through the process, ensuring you understand each step and feel comfortable throughout your journey.

While some insurance plans cover physical therapy, you must check with your provider for specifics. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in navigating insurance matters and provide the necessary documentation for reimbursement whenever applicable.

Take the Next Step

Take the first step towards healing and experience the benefits of our comprehensive approach to natural wellness through chiropractic care and physical therapy. Book an appointment at Accident Centers of Atlanta today and let our professional team guide you on your path to recovery, helping you regain strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

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